DIALEAD™ Our High Density Prepreg utilizes DIALEAD™ Pitch Fiber instead of traditional carbon fiber. By placing the DIALEAD™ based material in the hoop layers of the W-Series, we're better able to prevent shaft "ovaling" and deliver superior stability leading to increased energy transfer and control during the swing.

Tough-Qure™ The tip section of the new Diamana™ W-Series features our new Tough-Qure™ prepreg, developed by Mitsubishi Rayon, for superior feel and feedback during impact.

Working with our partners at Mitsubishi Plastics Inc., we have developed the next generation M.D.I. Technology - 3G M.D.I. featuring super-thin DIALEAD™ prepreg. The 3G M.D.I. Technology allows our engineers to fine-tune both the E.I. Curve (Bend Profile) and the G.J. Curve (Torsion Profile) to increase the overall controllability and minimize ovaling.

M.D.I. Technology We created M.D.I. Technology to allow us to layer carbon fiber in different directions along the entire length of the shaft, allowing control over stiffness, stability and feel with amazing pinpoint precision.