Based on the original BASSARA™ F-Series bend profile, the E-Series Utilizes the latest of our preimium lightweight materials and is especially designed to perform well with today's larger and lower spinning head designs.

The New Bassara E-Series features a firmer mid- and butt-section to increase stability during energy transfer, while offereing a slighly more responsive tip-section to deliver maximum fell.


A light weight unitized hybrid/iron shaft, the BASSARA™ E Hybrid/Iron is designed to compliment the BASSARA™ E-Series wood shaft. By offering a unitized iron players can build a complete sets of light weight irons and hybrids to match their woods, allowing for unmatched consistency from woods to hybrids to irons.


The BASSARA™ G-Series bend profile features an elastic titanium fiber to reinforce the tip-section of this next generation lightweight performance shaft. This proprietary titanium fiber, combined with the unique G-Series bend profile helps promote more consistent, repeatable dynamic loft at impact, and increased ball speed.


Designing ultra-lightweight shafts isn't just about reducing weight. It's about finding new ways to create power and strength.

The Bassara™ P-Series gives golfers another option to gain more distance. Launching in spring of 2014, the BASSARA™ P-Series features a Phoenix emblem and utilizes elastic titanium nickel (TiNi) wire in the tip section along with an optimized EI curve, for the utmost feel during the swing and at impact. The EI curve falls just above that of the BASSARA™ W-Series and just below that of the BASSARA™ G-Series. The BASSARA™ P-Series is offered in extremely light weights. Within the BASSARA™ brand, this model was specifically designed for distance. It officially marks the birth of our distance-biased premium product.


The BASSARA™ Hybrid Shaft Series complements the performance characteristics of the BASSARA™ Wood Series and provides a performance and versatility not typically seen in a lightweight Hybrid shaft.


The BASSARA™ Iron Shaft Series complements the performance characteristics of the BASSARA™ Wood Shafts and provides unparalleled performance in a lightweight iron shaft.

BASSARA™ W-Series 33

Looking to redefine the lightweight shaft category, Mitsubishi Rayon has pulled from our years of experience to develop our lightest, longest profile to date. Designed to deliver maximum performance for players with smooth tempos, the 33 W-Series utilizes the very latest in Mitsubishi Rayon fiber and resin technology to deliver this revolutionary shaft.


Featuring a tip section reinforced with elastic titanium fibers and a unique bend profile, the W-Series delivers increased driving distance by maximizing club head speed and velocity at impact. This extra long 47" profile also features slightly lower overall shaft weight than its 46" predecessors providing the platform for the next generation in lightweight shaft technology.

What is elastic titanium fiber?

Elastic titanium fiber is a unique alloy fiber comprised of Titanium and Nickel. When stressed the fiber deforms then recovers immediately to its original shape. This unique "super elastic" alloy is currently incorporated into the tip section of both the BASSARA™ G and W Series profiles to promote launch and club head speed through impact respectively

Diamana™ D+ Series

The D+ Series (WHITE BOARD) profile will feature a more tip-stiff profile reminiscent of the Original D-Series and 'ahina™, yet offer a slightly "firmer" butt-section vs. Original to deliver the signature feel of the Original D-Series and the consistent lower launch and spin associated with this type of profile.

Diamana™ D+ Hybrid Series

D+ Series Hybrid shaft has a stable, heavy-weight profile that is designed to compliment the performance characteristics of the D+ Series Wood shafts.

Diamana™ S+ Series

The S+ Series (BLUE BOARD) profile will feature MRC's signature "smooth" bend profile offering "balanced" stiffness on both ends of the shaft with a slightly "stiffer" mid and butt-section than both the Original S-Series and Kai'li™ to deliver the enhanced feel of the Original S-Series profile and stability at impact of Kai'li™.

Diamana™ S+ Hybrid Series

S+ Series Hybrid shaft has a versatile mid-weight profile that is designed to Compliment the performance characteristics of the S+ Series Wood shafts.


For the player who wants additional torsional stability and low spin in a unique new bend profile.

What separates Mitsubishi Rayon from other companies is that we know how to take an already successful product and build on it. New for 2010, the FUBUKI™ α utilizes the same MD Technology in the tip section as the FUBUKI™ TOUR, with and added application throughout the entire length of the shaft to reduce torsional twisting. The result is a shaft that delivers enhanced, smooth acceleration with stability at impact.


The FUBUKI™ Hybrid Shaft Series complements the performance characteristics of the FUBUKI™ Wood Series and provides a more penetrating, flat trajectory than the other Hybrids offered by Mitsubishi Rayon.


The FUBUKI™ brand for Mitsubishi Rayon is our incubator for more edgy technology, innovation and new ideas -- such as counterbalance weighting technology with tungsten-infused prepreg making its debut in the the new FUBUKI™ J-Series. It's all about keeping a keen eye on providing high performance for the world's best players.

This latest model is a counterbalanced shaft. Launching in 2014, the FUBUKI™ J-Series features extreme counterbalance weighting, Modulus Differential Technology (M.D.T.) and our proprietary metal mesh technology, the versatile FUBUKI™ J-Series allows players to take advantage of longer or shorter builds. The combination of technologies makes this shaft ideal for players looking to maximize distance.


FUBUKI™ K-SERIES - This profile, with it's firm tip section and mid section, and soft butt section, allows golfers of all skill levels to generate the highly sought after high-launch, low spin shot shape needed to maximize both carry and roll. By incorporating Power "Ninja" Core into this design, it has allowed Mitsubishi Rayon to rid the shaft of the harsh feel associated with traditional tip firm profiles.


Based on the FUBUKI™ ZT profile, the FUBUKI™ Z features a similar bend profile to deliver the same stability in the mid and butt-sections as the FUBUKI™ ZT, with a tip-section designed to promote a higher launch than FUBUKI™ ZT, while maintaining the same low spin.

The FUBUKI™ Z profile also features progressive torque and a more standard balance point - making it a very versatile shaft designed to fit a wide range of players and abilities.


The FUBUKI™ ZT profile has been inspired by the highly successful FUBUKI™ α and designed with the better player in mind. This new profile has a stiffer mid-section than the FUBUKI™ α, to create lower launch and spin characteristics than the FUBUKI™ α, but higher than the FUBUKI™ K-Series.

The FUBUKI™ ZT profile features lower torque, and a higher balance point to make it optimal for today's adjustable tour heads. The ZT profile will also feature 40-ton carbon fiber material for outstanding stability.


The FUBUKI™ Z Fairway is designed to compliment the FUBUKI™ Z wood shaft in a fairway wood specific shaft. It will feature the same Progressive Torque and Modulus Differential Technologies that are found in the Fubuki Z, creating a fairway wood shaft that will fit a wide range of players and abilities.

KURO KAGE™ Black Hybrid

The KURO KAGE™ Black Hybrid shaft Series has a stable and versatile profile that is designed to match the performance characteristics of the KURO KAGE™ Black Wood and Iron shafts.


Like the original KURO KAGE™ Black , the Second Generation KURO KAGE™ Black features a smooth bend profile, with a softer mid-section ballanced by a slightly stiffer tip and butt-section, with an all new higher balance point.

Our High Density Prepreg continues to be used in the lower third of the shaft for enhanced feel, stability and strength. Using High Density Prepreg also allows us to raise the ballance point.

KURO KAGE™ Black Iron

The KURO KAGE™ Black Iron shaft Series has a stable and versatile profile that is designed to match the performance characteristics of the KURO KAGE™ Black Wood and Hybrid shafts.


The KURO KAGE™ LBP irons were develop to compliment the Second Generation of KURO KAGE™ wood and hybrid shafts, by offering a variety of weights and flexes in a constant weight designated length iron shaft.

The KURO KAGE™ LBP irons were designed to optimze ball flight by for each weight and flex by reducing the torque and raising the kick point as the weights increase and flexes become stronger.

KURO KAGE™ Silver Hybrid

The KURO KAGE™ Silver Hybrid shaft Series has a tip stiff profile designed to match performance characteristics of the KURO KAGE™ Silver Wood Series. This profile will produce a more penetrating ball flight.

KURO KAGE™ Silver TiNi

The Second Generation KURO KAGE™ Silver Wood Series will feature the same Profile and High Density Prepreg as the original KURO KAGE™ Silver shafts, but with the addition of TiNi wire in the tip section. The result is a series of shafts that will deliver the lower launch and lower spin of the original KURO KAGE™ Silver profile, but with added stability and increased energy release through the impact zone, adding explosive power to the signature, KURO KAGE™ Silver profile.

Diamana™ 'ahina


The Diamana™ 'ahina utilizes a similar bend profile to the original D-Series Diamana™ shaft and like Kai'li and 'ilima also incorporates Mitsubishi Rayon's signature Multi-Dimensional Interlay technology (M.D.I) to deliver a stiffer mid and tip section than its predecessor. Designed to deliver maximum stability through impact without sacrificing feel, Diamana™ 'ahina's extreme low torque, low spin design provides the flatter trajectory and low spin preferred by today's strongest players.

The superior stability and optimized torsional profile of 'ahina will allow players with maximum ball speed to hit straighter, more controlled shots as a result of the M.D.I. technology's ability to maximize how a shaft stores and releases energy.

Diamana™ 'ilima

For the player who desires an active bend profile, that delivers high launch, less spin and a penetrating ball flight.

Diamana™ 'ilima incorporates MDI Technology into a new shaft design. Diamana™ 'ilima features an active, low torque tip section, with a stiff mid section and moderate butt-section. The result is a shaft that dynamically promotes energy transfer throughout the swing while delivering a penetrating ball flight with low spin.

Diamana™ Kai'li

For the player who wants the smooth and stable bend profile associated with Diamana™ S-Series, but can benefit from a more stable tip-section that produces lower launch and spin characteristics.

Diamana™ Kai'li incorporates MDI Technology into the original Diamana™ S-Series bend profile with a slightly stiffer tip and butt section. The result is a lower torque shaft that provides the same versatility as the original smooth and stable profile, while delivering slightly lower launch and spin.

Diamana™ B-Series

The New Diamana™ B-Series. For a shaft this powerful, regular carbon fiber wasn't enough.

Never before has this much sheer power been loaded into a Mitsubishi Rayon shaft. To do it, we needed an entirely different kind of carbon fiber - "pitch fiber." It's costlier, it's trickier to make, but we think you'll agree: it makes an impact.

Building on the success of our signature "smooth" profile embodied in our Kai'li™ Series, the new B-Series takes power and control to a new level, with maximum energy transfer by stabilizing the butt section.

Diamana™ R-Series

Further innovation and premium performance

Diamana™ R-Series -- has similar impact feel and launch characteristics to the 'ilima™ Series. Its proprietary, 3G Multi Dimensional Interlay (M.D.I.) was also included in the B-Series and W-Series profiles. The R-Series profile is for golfers seeking mid spin and a high launch. High-modulus 80t DIALEAD™ fibers used in the 3G M.D.I. application within the butt section are oriented in the hoop layers, to decrease ovaling in the downswing and transfer energy more efficiently to the ball at impact -- much like the B-Series and W-Series.

Because of its high trajectory and draw bias characteristics, the R-Series is an ideal complement to the popular low center of gravity, low-spin woods.

Diamana™ W-Series

One of the most successful shafts in history. And it keeps on winning

Stability and control that surpasses all previous Mitsubishi Rayon Golf Shafts. To get this much control we used some of the stongest carbon fiber available, pitch fiber.

By using DIALED™ in the hoop layers of this tip stiff profile we created a shaft with outstanding stability, that produces the low spin and boring trajectory sought out by the best players in the world, without losing the signature White Board feel.

Diamana +PLUS™ Series Diamana™ S+ Series Diamana™ D+ Series Diamana™ S+ Hybrid Series Diamana™ D+ Hybrid Series SECOND GENERATION Diamana™ SERIES Diamana™ 'ahina Diamana™ 'ilima Diamana™ Kai'li THIRD GENERATION Diamana™ SERIES Diamana™ R-Series Diamana™ W-Series Diamana™ B-Series FUBUKI™ SERIES FUBUKI™ J-SERIES FUBUKI™ K-SERIES FUBUKI™ α FUBUKI™ AX HYBRID FUBUKI™ ZT FUBUKI™ Z FUBUKI™ Z FAIRWAY KURO KAGE™ SERIES KURO KAGE™ Black HBP KURO KAGE™ Black Hybrid KURO KAGE™ Black Iron KURO KAGE™ LBP Iron KURO KAGE™ Silver TiNi KURO KAGE™ Silver Hybrid BASSARA™ UL SERIES BASSARA™ P-Series BASSARA™ G-Series BASSARA™ W-Series BASSARA™ W-Series 33 BASSARA™ UL HYBRID BASSARA™ UL IRON BASSARA™ E-Series BASSARA™ E HYB./IRON