- MRC GOLF Press Release - September 24, 2013

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Diamana™ W-Series MSRP $400 Available 10/7 The Diamana™ line of shafts has been one of the most successful shafts ever, for both the Tour player and the everyday player.  As new technologies have been developed, it has evolved along with them, as the first generation (S-Series, M-Series, D-Series) led to the second generation (Kai'li™, 'ilima™, 'ahina™), which has now evolved to the latest generation – the W-Series, available in the fall of 2013. The Diamana™ W-Series builds on the signature tip-stiff profile first popularized with the original D-Series White Board, later refined with the ‘ahina™. The new W-Series delivers the same precise control over bend and torsion profiles found in the earlier series. What's new is the addition of DIALEAD™ – using it in the hoop layers combined with the tip-stiff profile creates outstanding stability in the butt-section for maximum energy transfer with a minimum of shaft distortion. It delivers the low, penetrating ball flight and tight shot dispersion the White Board is known for. Quantities are limited PRE-ORDER NOW » Demo Program available to authorized dealers with PRE-ORDER